Are you ready to step into a leadership role?

Learn how to lead successful meetings, navigate challenging conversations with empathy, and deliver impactful presentations through leadership training.

In Leadership Training

Get practical tools to become a better facilitator, communicator, and overall leader. Whether you’re experienced or new to these concepts, this program is tailored to help you grow and excel no matter your experience level.

  • Guide meetings effectively and lead successful brainstorming sessions
  • Hold difficult conversations that lead to understanding and not escalation
  • Learn to present dynamic presentations to your team that are engaging and memorable

Get hands on right away with Improv U’s “learn by doing” approach. Take part in interactive exercises, simulations, quizzes, group discussions, and live presentations.

Side coaching helps you make corrections in the moment, leading to more effective training.

Improv U has been leading through facilitation since it was first founded in 2015. CEO and founder Anthony along with his wife and business partner Marisa have been leaders in the improv performance space for over a decade. From classes, shows and workshops to festivals that bring hundreds of performers together from all over the country. All of this is made possible through good facilitation and communication practices.

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Four Improv Lessons for Leaders

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