Are you an event planner looking for an experienced and engaging professional to make your next event unforgettable? Look no further than Anthony Francis, the founder of Improv U and a seasoned communication coach and improv expert. Make event hosting a snap with help!

With years of experience working with top clients like Mod Med, MD VIP, and 2TON, Anthony knows how to create a fun and engaging atmosphere that your clients and guests will love. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large-scale event, he can create a custom program that’s perfect for your specific needs.

Entertaining Audiences

One of Anthony’s greatest strengths is his ability to keep audiences entertained and engaged from start to finish. As an accomplished host and Emcee, he’s great in front of big or small crowds and always keeps it PG-13 with his content. He’ll tailor his approach to your event and audience, ensuring that everyone has a great time while also learning something new.

Anthony’s expertise in the art of improvisation makes him a unique and valuable asset for any event. He can help your guests develop the skills they need to be more comfortable making decisions, presenting ideas, and supporting those around them. Plus, his inclusive and tailored approach means that everyone can benefit from his expertise, whether they’re adults or adults with special needs.


In addition to his improv coaching and hosting skills, Anthony also produces the Palm Beach Improv Festival, now in its 8th year. He’s got two live comedy shows, “The Comedy Game Show” and a solo improvised comedy musical “Ant Farm”. All of these experiences combine to make him the perfect choice to help make your next event a huge success.


When you work with Anthony, you can trust that he’ll create a positive and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and engaged. He’s passionate about providing a safe and accepting space for individuals to learn and grow, and he’ll work with you to create an event that meets all of your goals and exceeds your expectations.

So, if you’re an event planner looking to take your next event to the next level, contact Anthony Francis today. His expertise in communication, improv, and event hosting can help make your event truly unforgettable. Learn more about Anthony’s approach to event hosting. Get started with our team by contacting us today.