I made an NFT for Joe Bonamassa

I made an NFT for Joe Bonamassa which is a new sentence. NFTs are digital items that you can buy with crypto currency. NFT stands for non fungible token and it’s an original item that lives online in a digital ledger.

This is only part of the purchase, and it’s a lower quality version, but it’s very cool and adorable and I can’t wait to see it get added to the blockchain. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…well I mostly don’t know either. I make digital content and that’s all this is really.

Also this is NOT what is for sale. It’s just a representation of what people are buying and this image is what will live in the owners digital wallet as a representation of the owned item.

I made these in After Effects using a template from Adobe. The template helped with a lot of the look and feel. We changed the colors, text and of course what goes in “the box”. My favorite are the audio wave forms. That’s actually a Joe Bonamassa song playing in there.

Enjoy the spinning!