I am a video producer since 2005, but writing is really what it’s all about. You can’t make a good video without a good script. I take basic ideas and write a fully fleshed out script making the process easy. Here are just some of the projects I’ve written, directed, and produced.


I’m working with Fred Guttenberg to produce his bi-monthly podcast with the same name as his book, “Find The Helpers”. The podcast features interviews and insights from celebrities and influencers as well as everyday heroes. This podcast will inspire and lift up its audience with insight and perspective. Check it out here.

I am also the live stream producer for Live From Nerdville. This is also an interview style show hosted by Blues/Rock musician Joe Bonamassa. This podcast features interviews from blues/rock legends and you can see it here.


Miami Grill Radio Spot #1 – Wrote and produced this spot. I worked closely with the agency to produce it, sending drafts and making edits. Adding sound effects is a great way to bring the listener in to the spot.

Miami Grill Radio Spot #2 – Wrote, produced, and even performed. I also found the talent for this spot. I went with my improv friend and professional singer Michelle Caravia as the voice of the female office worker.

Miami Grill Radio Spot #3 – Wrote, produced, and performed. Improvers Heather Hilend plays the wife.