Chowing Down with Billy Merritt

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Other Than Improv
Chowing Down with Billy Merritt

Billy Merritt has the sort of acting resume that reads partly as an amazing list of accomplished work as well as a passport to some of the greatest destinations in comedy history. He was THERE when it was happening and that’s as much as I can say without turning this into 145 paragraphs. He’s naturally funny and great to chat with. I’ve always hit it off with Billy, but I didn’t know we would jump into food talk like we did! This is a fun interview!

“If it’s a soup that you can chew, it’s a chowder or a stew…bisque can go F* itself.” – Billy Merritt

Billy’s Turtle Bean Chowder
One pound turtle beans (black beans)
Soaking overnight.
Two cups stock, your choice.
One nice onion
A couple peppers, I’ve been using Hatch or Fresno’s but it’s your choice.
Cumin, garlic, cayenne, oregano, salt, pepper.
I’ll put it in a slow cooker for 3 hours.