Keynote Speaker and Thought Leader

When it comes right down to it, you run an organization made up of people. You need to be able to lead them, create a positive culture and inspire them and motivate them to do the same. A great leader creates great leaders.

Anthony’s unique and engaging content teaches valuable business skills that will increase creativity, communication, confidence, and bolster corporate culture.

Your attendees will play games and participate in activities that will have them laughing and creating positive memories. Participants learn useful skills they can use to better lead their teams, support new ideas, and reframe the way they approach problems.

Anthony also provides follow up materials in the form of games and activities so your teams can continue to practice through play and grow even more.

Anthony is an engaging, thoughtful and hilarious performer. He has spent over a decade on stage teaching and entertaining others through games and activities. He believes the activity teaches the lesson.

Anthony’s playful style and quick wit come from his background as a leader in the improv community where he has been a top performer in South Florida and a traveling performer in New York and Chicago. Anthony effortlessly switches from captivating stories to fun games and activities providing non-stop entertainment with lessons built in that participants will carry with them into their business and maybe even thier personal lives.

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You’re Enough: Unlocking your potential with YES in mind



Learn important skills on agreement and support as well as building on the ideas of others and setting each other up for success. Anthony leads this session with fun interactive games and activities that teach the lessons needed to become an unstoppable force in business.


  • Remembering the key to moving forward is saying yes with our whole selves.
  • How agreement leads to positive thoughts and psychological safety.
  • Support and how to set each other up for success.
  • Creating together.
  • How we can create things bigger than ourselves through agreement and support.