I made an NFT for Joe Bonamassa

I made an NFT for Joe Bonamassa which is a new sentence. NFTs are digital items that you can buy with crypto currency. NFT stands for non fungible token and it’s an original item that lives online in a digital ledger.

This is only part of the purchase, and it’s a lower quality version, but it’s very cool and adorable and I can’t wait to see it get added to the blockchain. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…well I mostly don’t know either. I make digital content and that’s all this is really.

Also this is NOT what is for sale. It’s just a representation of what people are buying and this image is what will live in the owners digital wallet as a representation of the owned item.

I made these in After Effects using a template from Adobe. The template helped with a lot of the look and feel. We changed the colors, text and of course what goes in “the box”. My favorite are the audio wave forms. That’s actually a Joe Bonamassa song playing in there.

Enjoy the spinning!

Recharging in Oregon

I came out to Oregon to visit my sister Diana and her wife Sarah. It feels like forever since I left the house. While I’m here I hope to take a drop in improv class at Curious Comedy Theatre and maybe get a new tattoo. I’m here for 4 days. The weather is great and the people are so nice. That could just be because of Diana who takes the time to learn everyone’s name in her city. She’s my role model.

Me (left) with my sister Diana (lower right)
Man standing in field
Dave’s Hot Chicken is very Dave and VERY hot
This is Frankie (left)
Community garden!very cool!

Other Than Improv Podcast

Other Than Improv with Anthony Francis


I created this podcast as a way to stay in touch with my improv friends and keep working that listening muscle. I love learning new things about people and hearing about their other hidden talents or experiences.

Other than Improv explores the lives of improvisers. Learn about their cool jobs, scary stories, weird hobbies and more as they talk about the stuff they do other than improv!

Produced and Hosted by Anthony Francis
Music by Tone Tata and Ben Brown
Artwork by Bianca Ungerman