Five Minutes Till Christmas – Album


I made a Christmas album. I was intimidated to take on such a big project as AN ALBUM, but I have been on this kick lately of condensing things into smaller formats, what do I mean by that? Well this album is a great example!

It’s just a few songs I wrote with my music Director Tone Tata. He did the music and I wrote the lyrics. We used the same approach as we do for my solo musical improv show “Ant Farm” where Tone writes the music and I come up with the lyrics based on what I hear the music “saying”. I was really happy with how this all turned out. It’s small, light, quick, compact, clean, and a little funny. All under five minutes!

From this project I learned how to distribute music online using Distrokid. Tone and I could even get paid for these songs now. It’s very rewarding to do a project and walk away with some new knowledge. You can check out my album Five Minutes Till Christmas online wherever fine music is sold or click here!

Feeling really bold? Try saying “Hey Google/Alexa, play I’m Coming Home by The Ant Farm” and see if my song pops up for you!